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Thai escorts provide a wide range of hostess services to both domestic and international clients who visit the vibrant city of Bangkok every day. Many clients are in Bangkok for business and networking reasons and require a charming and elegant female to accompany them to formal engagements. These high class companions are experienced hostesses who are able to make all guests feel comfortable and at ease in even the highest echelons of society. These gorgeous Thai escort girls are considered to be the elite amongst their peers and are always in great demand as they are so highly recommended and their reputations go before them.


Another service which is in high demand is the duo escorts service which fulfils every man’s dream of spending intimate time with two beautiful ladies at the same time. Under the duo escort service a client can choose two stunning Thai escorts who enjoy both male and female company to pamper and spoil them in the privacy of their home or hotel. In some cases it has been known for a client to request the company of two Thai escorts as their guests at high society parties and fundraisers however for the most part, clients tend to prefer the intimacy of spending time alone together.

Most Asian escorts are promoted by an agency as they benefit by not having to find the time and the finances for promotion, photo shoots, travel arrangements, security and bookings. A Thai escort agency will invest a great deal of time and money into each of their sexy escort companions and so they do have very strict selection procedures in order to ensure that they select the best candidate possible.

There are many factors an agency will consider when recruiting their companions and hostesses and, perhaps surprisingly, a fun personality and optimistic outlook on life are two of the most important qualities an escort companion can have. Obviously beauty and a great figure are important however clients have stated that their main goal when booking a date with a Thai escort is to enjoy themselves and forget the usual worries and stresses of their daily lives. This is only possible with a fun loving and exciting companion so the emotional well being of a client is of paramount importance to an agency.

Most Thai escort agencies have well constructed and attractive websites from which they promote their ladies. Their extensive portfolio of stunning beauties is usually promoted from various galleries within their sites. The features on the sites enable prospective clients to search for their ideal companion via a multitude of options such as by location, hair colour, nationality and even age. This is why an escort agency will try to have a diverse range of different ladies to accommodate every possible desire.

Booking a Thai escort companion in Bangkok is simply a matter of calling Bangkok escort girls agency to enquire as to the availability of the desired Thai escort. The location, time and any special requirements are noted and the date is arranged. Booking early is always advised as these ladies are very much in demand and disappointment should be avoided where possible.

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Search Engine Optimisation is what SEO stands for and its purpose is to affect the rankings of a website in a search engine to make it more visible. There are many ways in which seo companies do this although with changing algorithms, what is good one week may be bad the next!

Escort seo is all about keeping up (ideally) overtaking your competitors. There are some keywords and search terms that are so competitive for instance ‘London Escorts’ it can be extremely difficult to rank on page 1 for them.

In the last 12 months Google has introduced a raft of new algorithms which have effectively wiped out many ways in which Adult seo companies could rank adult websites higher. Google is gradually shepherding webmasters and seo companies to work the way that they want them to work and basically NOT do any seo whatsoever. Their mantra has been make good content, refresh it regularly and share it. If the people like it then Google will rank it higher.

SEO for escort agencies has changed. Those seo companies who stick with the blog commenting, social bookmarking and aggressive link building are finding that their client sites are becoming less and less prominent and being replaced with agencies which promote themselves through social media and who keep their sites updated with fresh content regularly and do almost zero link building. This is why so many agencies are shocked to find new escort agencies on page 1 for the search term London escorts.

If you have a mature site which has had plenty of backlinks created over time, you could find yourself losing out to a brand new site with almost no history whatsoever. If this is the case you will need to rebalance your now ‘bad’ links with good ones and this can take time.

Escort Social Marketing and Escort Site Promotion are two escort seo specialist providers who keep up to date with all the latest requirements Google announces. They tailor their services accordingly and have achieved great success in this way of working. If your site is losing rankings or your phone is not ringing as much as it used to – why not give either one of them a call and talk over your options. It may even work out cheaper in the long run to ditch your old site completely and start afresh with a new one without all the bad links!

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